Eric Green has been working as a sculptor for over 30 years, and has works in many private and public collections the world over – most recently the work ‘Yu Jou’ (friendship), Japan.

His work ranges from large, smoothly stylised solid sandstone pieces and intricately carved wooden constructions to elegantly curving continuums created in a variety of mediums and scales.

His achievements include 2nd place in the International Woodcarving Competition (79), the Richard Marple Award, London (86) and more recently he has won the Gold Coast Sculpture Award several times.

Born in England, he studied at the Camberwell school of Arts and Crafts London and the Guilds School of Arts Kennington. He currently lives and works on the Gold Coast, and teaches carving and sculpture at the Society of Sculptors GC.

His fascinating career includes working as a sculptor and designer for the British Industrial Film Association and being elected fellow of the Free Painters and Sculptors' Society.